Is this job a legitimate work from home job?

There are many work from home scams out there. However, Arise Virtual Solutions is a legitimate work from home opportunity and company, which we are extremely fortunate to have partner with as an IBO.

Who can apply?

We are looking for positive individuals who are motivated, disciplined and desire to be their own boss with little or no supervision while working from home.  The opportunity is not currently available to individuals residing in the following states: Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Oregon & New York.

Do I have to be a US citizen or and live in The United States?

No, you do not have to be a US Citizen, however, you do need to have a valid social security number or work authorization for the US; and you must also reside in the United States mainland.


Why is a background check required?

Both Arise and our clients have high standards. Client Support Professionals (CSPs) provide key services for each client program and have access to confidential information; therefore a background check is required to ensure that each potential CSP’s identity is confirmed and free from criminal history. There is a fee of $9.99 for the check paid to our parent platform.

Are the positions hourly?

Yes, some positions are paid hourly, per call or by talk time.  It depends on the client you choose.

Do I need experience?

No experience is required, you will receive on-going training and support to teach you everything you need to know to function as a CSP for the specific client you choose.  However, you must be self-disciplined and require very little or no supervision. 


Why do I have to pay to get a job?

We understand the concern that comes with the initial upfront fees associated with this position. Look at it from this perspective: a regular 9-5 job requires transportation, wardrobe, lunch and more than you would have to pay for prior to earning money.  These fees you no longer have to budget for and are money saved.  We like to call the upfront fees a small investment in your future because you earn that and more on your first check.

Do I get paid for training?

Select companies will allow you to earn revenue in training class when taking live practice calls. This is typically the last week in training and are most times limited to 15 hours. Once you have successfully completed training, you will start selecting your full schedule.

Will I be responsible to pay my own taxes?

Yes, as an Independent Contractor you are responsible for your own taxes as well as any other employment taxes.

Are my expenses tax deductible?

Yes, your expenses are tax deductible, including your start-up costs, so file your receipts accordingly.  You can also be eligible to receive a home tax credit for your home office and other costs associated with running your home office.


Will I have employee benefits?

Our CSP’s are independent contractors of Succour LLC. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for your contracted work.


When will I be paid after certification?

After choosing a client and commencing work, payment will be twice a month.

What is client certification and how long does it take?

Client certification is the training you will have to complete for the client you choose to service. Training is virtual and you will need a VoIP headset to interact in class.  Training is usually 2-6 weeks long, depending on the client.

How much money can I make?

The earning potential is unlimited working with Succour, LLC.  The pay ranges from $8-$16 an hour, along with added client bonuses and incentives.

Can I choose my own schedule?

Certainly. Each client has a weekly minimum amount of hour’s requirement. The minimum requirement of hours can range from 10-20 hours a week.  You must fulfil the minimum working hours, and you can also work more hours if desired!

What clients do you service?

The industries that we services are well-known brands. We service:

  • Cruise Lines
  • Theme Parks
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Resorts
  • Healthcare
  • Home Services
  • Telecommunications
Can I work another job while I am an independent contractor for Succour LLC?

Yes, you can. You can join the team as a part-time or full-time contractor. You are welcome to have another full-time job or a part-time job to supplement this.


Will I need long distance on my home phone line?

All calls will come to you via Arise’s software. However, some client’s may require you to dial a Florida number to access their client’s server. Your phone will be plugged into the wall however your virtual phone will be on your computer. Once you log on, the software will call your home phone and you will be receiving inbound calls while connected.


Why does Arise charge a semi-monthly service fee?

The fee is charged for the infrastructure that Arise provides, including the Arise 24-hour client support help desk, Starmatic scheduling system and Willow accounting services.  Arise charges $19.75, which is deducted twice a month from each CSP’s revenue.


Why does Succour, LLC. charge a semi-monthly service fee?

Succour LLC charges an IBO fee of $20 per service period. This fee covers the management cost associated with running an IBO including, providing payroll service, and support offered through the certification process and extended while servicing clients, as well as providing an opportunity to work under the Arise network without having to deal with the expenses of incorporating for yourself.



If you have a question that was not answered in the CSP FAQs above and you need further help or clarification please we are here to assist you!